Falcon Heavy Launches

It’s pretty typical for people in the tech industry to complain about technology (and I get the difference between complaining and criticism) but I think it’s healthy to step back sometimes and marvel a little bit. SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch was such an opportunity for me.

  • Not just because it was incredible to behold
  • Not just because space is wondrous and important to humanity
  • Not just because two of the boosters gently landed in near perfect synchronization (and upright!)

Falcon Heavy boosters landing upright

Though I will never get tired of watching that.

No, to me the most marvelous part of it all was that I happened to be with my wife and we were able to watch the whole thing live from my phone while flying in a plane. People in the sky, using their magic glass rectangles, to watch synchronized rocket landings that sent a Tesla to Mars.

Starman in his Tesla heading to Mars

Pretty. Damn. Cool.